Monday, November 17, 2008

Joys of student teaching

There is not a day that goes by that my students don't crack me up! They are hilarious and very entertaining. Here are some fun moments, but you might have had to have been there to think they are funny!

  • One student started busting out the robot one afternoon. This is totally out of character for him and he did it for like 5 minutes. I just had to stop what I was teaching because we were all so distracted by him!
  • Learning about coins and the pictures of different presidents on each one. I told my students we would learn what president was on the quarter the next day when one student shouts out, " I think it is President Hinckley!"
  • Asked a student what she was going to be for Halloween and replied, "Jesus." This went on for a few days, but then she moved on to Word Girl (which is what she was on Halloween, still not sure what it is)
  • We were talking about what we eat for Thanksgiving and one student said, " I eat b-taters." With the help from the other adults, I realized it was potatoes! Hilarious!
  • Learning about manners and we were reading a book that taught us when you burp you should say excuse me (we need to work on this in our class) and then one student raises her hand and says, " I farted and I said excuse me." I had to refrain from laughing and let her know that was the polite thing to do.
  • Standing up randomly, singing I like to move it, move it, while dancing. We know what movie they saw!
  • We were learning about Native American writings and how they used symbols and pictures to tell about themselves. We created some of our own about our school and class. I was trying to help my students think of a part of the bus we could draw. Hoping to get an answer like the wheel, or steering wheel, I picked on a student and he held up his hands and said, " this part of the bus." Guess he just wanted me to draw one side which would have worked as well :)

I need to keep a log at school. Really it is non stop! From the minute they come in the room yelling teacher teacher, showing me their lunches and wanting to play thumb wars. I am blessed to be able to spend 6 hours of my day teaching these wonderful children!


Ian and Kristen said...

Those are pretty funny :) Word Girl is a cartoon. There is a little girl who is like a super hero and she comes to the rescue whenever somebody can't think of the word they are trying to say. I watched that show a lot a while a couple months ago while I babysat two little girls in my ward for a couple weeks. :)

Cassandra Clark said...

haha! That is so funny! I love thoes children! They are very funny! I could just imagin how they are at home, there parents must laugh all the time! Good for you for keeping a straight face but I would be laughing so hard! You have got to be a great teacher! Good for you for doing what you set out for!

Melissa said...

hahaha! These are soo funny! The President Hinckley one is my favorite for sure!