Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Handiversary

January 21st was Charlee Hawkins' 6th "Hand"iversary. Charlee is a friend of mine that lost her life to cancer in high school. Handiversary was a name that Charlee made up to remember the day her finger was amputated due to the cancer. My friend Kacie and I have made it a tradition that every year we hang a sign at her parents house to let them know we remember Charlee and this day. Charlee was a wonderful example to all. I will always remember the strength and positive attitude she had while battling cancer in high school. This little day she made up is a glimpse of her humor during a hard time. Happy Handiversary Charlee!! We miss you!


This post is long overdue. Erich and I had a wonderful Christmas back at home! Last year we stayed in Utah for the holidays, so this was our first one with our families!! We spent Christmas Eve with my family where we went to see the temple lights and Jordan Bluth was singing. We stayed the night at my parents and opened presents with them in the morning. I sent Erich on a scavenger hunt to find his gift. Erich is not one to ever spend money, but the one thing he has always wanted was a new TV. So I went out on a limb and bought one for him. I had to be a little sneaky to find out what kind he wanted, but his friends were able to get all the dirt for me. When he found the gift his response was, " you went over budget." haha!! Sadly the TV is still in the box until we find a house!
We spent the afternoon in between his mom's and dad's house. I was so nice to be around family and enjoy the day together.

My nephew's toy gun was a favorite by many
The boxes left over were a hit!!

Temple lights

Gingerbread house