Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LIFE Boutique!

I am trying to put together a boutique for the company I work for to raise a little money. The state just cut all Music Therapy services and 10% off of the habilitation rate. This is a huge cut for our company and some of us are trying to help out! If you know of anyone, or yourself, that would like to be a vendor and donate even just a small percentage to LIFE please let me know. We have over 300 clients, so this could be a great time for someone to build up their clientele

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have been working for a company called Lauren's Institute for Education (LIFE) for the last month as an ABA therapist. I have kids that come in a see me for 2 hours at a time where we work on their specific needs. I have also been able to create a couple in home behavior plans for some of my kiddos. I am loving my job and look forward to seeing these special children each day. I recently found out I will be able to teach in LIFE's private academy starting in August! I am looking forward to this opportunity and can't wait to start planning lessons!!
If you know of any kiddos with special needs that are in need of some services, send them my way! We have all the therapies (physical, occupational, music, and speech) plus the academy, structure habilitation classes and ABA therapists!

Suns Game

Last week Aaron and Kacie invited Erich and I to go to a Suns game with them!! We went and grabbed a bit to eat at Cafe Rio and then were off to the game! We had a great time and lots of extra comments about the game from the loud peanut gallery behind us. They were one of a kind!!
Thanks Kacie and Aaron for the tickets!!

Kacie and Aaron
The Suns WON!!