Monday, May 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Erich and I moved into our house a couple months ago. I have been very bad about taking pictures of it. Here is one. We are currently changing the front yard. Erich has removed everything and we are putting in all grass. It is going to look great. As for the inside, decorating it is taking longer than I would like. It took us a month or so to get our couch and table but we have them now and love them. If you are looking for a great furniture place try Cortate Furniture on Higley just north of Ray. The hours are weird, but they have great prices.

Crayon Roll ups

I have recently started a little sewing. A co-worker wanted some crayon rolls for her son's birthday party favors. I ended up making her 15 of them!!

You know you're loosing it when...

You know you are loosing it when lock your keys in your car with the car ON!! yes I made this mistake on Saturday while at IKEA. Erich and I were nannying some friend's children while they were out of town. I guess I was a little distracted while getting out of the car. I managed to grab the granola bars, but not turn off the car and take my keys. Thankfully erich works a mile away and a co-worker was able to run the key to me.

These girls were such troopers as we waited for the key!!


One of my new favorite things is coupon shopping!! I get 2 Sunday papers every week. So far I have gotten some great savings
CVS :: $7.00
Target :: $9.00
One of my favorite sites to find out all these savings is

Sunday, May 24, 2009

BYU Graduation

We were able to go back up to Utah in April so I could walk at graduation. I finished in December but they did not have a commencement then. My parents, sister and grandma joined us. It was so nice seeing all our friends and family while we were there. It really made me miss everyone!! We went to some of our favorite restaurants; Tucanos and Kneaders.
Thank you to Kyle and Tess for letting us stay at your place, it was so fun to spend time with you and hope you make it to AZ soon!!

mom, me & dad

President Uchtdorf was at the commencement where he was award an honorary doctorate degree.

I feel so blessed to have attended BYU. All through high school I never thought it was something that I was going to do. It obviously was ment to be and Erich and I loved living in Utah. Being able to learn in an environment where we could dicuss the gospel along with our studies was great. I am thankful to all the friends, family and professors that helped achieve this goal
Who knows, a Masters might be in my future. Occupational Therapy?? BCBA???

Monday, May 11, 2009


Lauren had a party for her class at a farm in Queen Creek. A family friend and a little girl that I have worked with for a long time joined her class!
They were able to ride a pony, feed the animals, pet the goats and even see the camel, Jake and a zebra.

"thanks for all the fun (lauren), " Cassie