Thursday, August 20, 2009

We are WILD about learning

Life has been crazy, between weddings and family in town I managed to get my classroom together. I work for a private school for children with special needs and we just expanded our facility into a new building. Now we have a couple buildings for therapies and habilitation and then a separate one for our classrooms. I have a great staff that helped it all come together!

Its smaller than "normal" but I only have 9 kids in my class.
The blue covers on my lights are to cut out the amount of florescent lighting coming into my room. They really make a differenceMy circle time rug just came in TODAY! Oh how I love love love it!

Anyone looking for an Eagle Project/YW project!! Send them my way. Lots of opportunity to serve here!

Curtis, Kim & Gwyn Jackson

My sister got married! Kim and Curtis were married on August 7th! It was a great sealing. How I adored their sealer, what a special man.

Gwyn was so excited to see dad and Kim when they came out of the temple

Kim's amazing cupcake tower that Curtis built!
( they are renting it out if anyone is interested, the design can be changed out )

We have an on-going joke in my family. Since Erich and I were dating, he has been know as Prince Erich, from the Little Mermaid of course. Mom always calls Erich "prince Erich." Well now with the addition of Curtis in the family he thought he could be King Curtis. Well my dad, KING KEN, decided a better fit was "Captain Curtis" and dubbed Curtis and Erich at the rehearsal dinner. I don't think anyone else really thought is was funny, but we thought we were hilarious!

Kacie and Aaron Brown

Kacie and I now share a very special day! July 16th, my birthday, her wedding day! I could not have thought of a better reason to party!!
I was a beautiful wedding and I felt honored to be a part of it. I am so excited for Aaron and Kacie and their new lives together!

Birthday gifts!! I was suprised with a beautiful piano,
which I need to take a picture of!